Bridgeford Flying Service Rebrands

Last fall, Bridgeford Flying Services at the Napa (CA) County Airport held a celebration to formally introduce its rebranding as the Napa Jet Center, replacing a name that had stood for 65 years and which had become well recognized within the community...

Says Willey, “The community has a Fly a Leader program through the Chamber of Commerce. We’ll bring business leaders out, fly them around the valley, take a tour of the airport with the airport staff, and we’ll go through the tower. So, they get to see the asset that the airport is so that they can help protect that asset. One year we brought out a number of the concierges from the local resorts.”

Looking to the future, Willey says growth through acquisition of a similar type FBO is a possibility. “We’ll start talking more seriously about that at our next board meeting,” he says. “We can develop more here or look elsewhere. It would be nice to have the same type of destination places, so we’re providing the customer the same experience. If it doesn’t come to fruition, it doesn’t. We’re not going to be a chain of buy and sell.”

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