IA Renewal 101

The revised latest directive with broad definition of actively engaged

Although the issuance of IA authority is not certificate action and therefore has no formal appeal procedure, the individual can still raise his voice and seek redress through a form of an appeal to the Aviation Safety Consistency and Standardization Initiative Office (CSI) thru the AVS (Aviation Safety) office concerned. This procedure requires the review of any questioned or disputed action at every level of the AVS management chain. This is no more or less than a summary administrative review by the same people who are in the management chain, but it can bring serious attention to the individual problems with the bureaucrats.

This review by higher levels of FAA management, will be complete and thorough, without fear of any retribution. Keep in mind that this process can be used for any review you might have with any FAA action of any kind. This program was instituted Sept. 18, 2009 and through the process, sooner or later complaints should get the personal attention of the Administrator and his staff. AMT

Stephen P. Prentice is an attorney whose practice involves FAA-NTSB issues. He has an Airframe and Powerplant certificate and is an ATP rated pilot. He is a USAF veteran. Send comments to aerolaw@att.net.

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