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AMTSociety is delighted to announce the winners of its 2012 scholarship programs.

State of AMTSociety Address

The address this month will center on activities scheduled for AMTSociety, the biggest being the Cygnus Aviation Exposition on March 7-9 in Las Vegas. At this time we have 30 teams committed to the Maintenance Skills Competition with 15 events, which also includes the “bragging rights.”

We also will make the presentations of the Scholarship Awards and AMTSociety Tom Hendershot Lifetime Achievement Award, plus the drawing of the Snap-on toolbox and tools for the scholarship raffle program.

The IA program will be held in the theater on Wednesday and Thursday, 8 to noon each day. There will also be presentations from NCATT and Operation Boot Strap. Come Friday morning at 9, the awards will be presented to the contestants in the Maintenance Skills Competition. A great time, sure hope you can attend.

Do you know your limitations?

Individuals often fail to realize that maintenance processes safety chains are made of complex tasks that are implemented and maintained by people. These people have different aptitudes, abilities, and training, and will operate under various conditions, organizational structures, procedures, and work scenarios.

The total composite of these elements, including the human component will determine the performance, safety, and efficiency of an organization. Safety chains are such that they ensure human capabilities are not stretched beyond limits. All aviation professionals should realize the important part they play in the safety chain.

Stay safe, Tom Hendershot

2012 scholarship winners

AMTSociety is delighted to announce the winners of its 2012 scholarship programs. AMTSociety Scholarships were created to financially assist students in an approved AMT program, active duty military, reserve, and National Guard personnel, and those already certified in furthering their professional education and training. Academic and training scholarships are an integral part of AMTSociety’s purpose and one way AMTSociety is committed to promoting future aircraft maintenance technicians in the highly skilled aircraft maintenance profession.

Each academic scholarship is valued at $1,500. The U.S. Military Scholarship is offered in conjunction with Baker’s School of Aeronautics in Nashville, TN. This scholarship includes tuition for Baker’s two-week A&P Mechanics Course, fees for oral and practical testing, hotel (11-13 days), and a $100 gift card from Kroger’s.

Joe Hawkins, AMTSociety Director and Scholarship Chair, introduces the 2012 winners:

Charles E. Taylor Scholarship: Jennifer K. Lawson, Tulsa Technology Center. Lawson is a U.S. Army veteran with family ties to aerospace. Her grandfather worked in the Space Shuttle program at Rockwell International while her uncle retired from McDonnell Douglas. She grew up helping in the office of her family’s aircraft rental business where she also learned to fly a Piper Cub. She volunteers each summer as a ramp rat at EAA AirVenture and she plans to continue her studies in avionics and advanced composites after she completes her Airframe and Powerplant program.

Thomas “Tom” E. Hendershot Scholarship: Chris A. Wilson, Aviation Institute of Maintenance. Wilson is enrolled at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Kansas City campus pursuing his Airframe and Powerplant certificates. Outside of class, he is a ramp agent for Delta Airlines and he thoroughly enjoys everything about airplanes. Wilson has a sincere commitment to his studies which is indicative of his excellent GPA. His father is a senior AMT for an international corporation and Wilson plans to follow in his father’s career path after graduation.

William “Bill” F. O’Brien Scholarship: Webster L. Burch, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). In addition to pursuing FAA certification as an Airframe and Powerplant maintenance technician, Burch is also working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace maintenance management. He is involved with church and community activities and a student worker in the MTSU Flight School Maintenance Department. Burch is active in the MTSU Aerospace Maintenance Club and along with other members, volunteers at Sun N’ Fly each spring.

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