Going Green 2011

Highlights from the fourth annual Airports Going Green Conference include a global reporting initiative, waste diversion strategies, and sustainable parking technology

Furthermore, Webb stresses the importance of including all stakeholders in waste planning activities. "Gather input to understand current practices, challenges, and future waste reduction and recycling opportunities; also address distinct differences between concessionaires and airlines with separate processes," he explains.

Advanced Parking Technology

Luis Guiron, marketing manager with the Siemens Coproration, discussed the 'Advanced Parking' technolgy concept. By way of a central software system, advanced parking consists of four primary enablers: detection and direction (monitors space availability and guides motorists to open spaces; electronic payment (parking pay stations and single space meters); variable pricing (demand-based pricing and congestion charging); and guided enforcement (alerts officials and produces citations).

Airport benefits of advanced parking include the optimized use of parking by maximizing capital expenses, and reduced traffic and congestion in parking areas, says Guiron.

Passenger benefits include some 100,000 excess miles saved per year and more than 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions prevented. From a passenger point of view, there is less time spent searching for parking, providing an enhanced experience and reduced frustration, explains Guiron.

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