Mission Possible

Concrete project helps keep Kansas National Guard flying

Pavers employed the E-Z Drill Model 210B-2 SRA, a two-gang slab rider drill, and the Model 210B-3 SRA, a three-gang version, to drill the thousands of 7/8-inch diameter, 18-inch deep holes needed for the project. Once Pavers had each lane’s holes drilled, they epoxied the dowels into place and finished off the lane with concrete.

The ramp is used for ten helicopter pads for the Kansas Army National Guard’s UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. A thicker concrete area allows heavier transport planes, such as the Guard’s KC-135.

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Lindsay Babb is the Public Relations Director for IRONCLAD Marketing, Fargo, ND. She can be reached at lindsay@ironcladmktg.com.

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