Techbytes Jan12

Aircraft Parts Marketplace The aviation spare parts search and deal making platform introduces a new mobile phone application allowing an even faster access to its services. From now on the company’s clients will be able to connect to...

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) announced that it added the WebTrak Flight-Tracking and Noise Information system to the Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (JAXEX) page of the JAA website. WebTrak is a system that allows individuals to watch the movement of flights to, from, and overflying all four airports in the Jacksonville Aviation Authority's system. Displayed information includes the aircraft's beacon code, altitude, and the point of closest approach to a designated address. In addition, if the aircraft filed a flight plan, aircraft type, registration number, originating, and destination airports are displayed;

Personnel Screening

L-3 Communications announces that U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has purchased 300 ProVision ATD personnel screening systems for use at aviation checkpoints. The contract value of the order is $44.8 million and production of these units is underway. TSA is also in the process of upgrading 250 existing ProVision units deployed at 40 U.S. airports with the new image-free ATD software under a separate contract with L-3. The millimeter wave-based ProVision ATD automatically detects potential threats and highlights their location on a generic mannequin that appears on a monitor attached to the ProVision ATD;

Self-Service Revolution

The number of smartphones carried by airline passengers has doubled over the last year making them an important tool for travelers wishing to check-in remotely, access flight information on the go, or use a range of flight-related applications, according to the 2011 SITA Air Transport World Passenger Self-Service Survey. Possession of a smartphone has jumped from 28 percent in last year’s survey to 54 percent this year; 74 percent of first/business class respondents and frequent flyers were carrying one. At the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta, 75 percent of survey respondents were carry a smartphone. Among respondents carrying a mobile device, 73 pecent would like to use mobile boarding passes while 17 percent had already used them at least once;

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