Military Airfield Gets Two “Like New” ARFFs for the Price of One

With the economy struggling, what do you do when you need new equipment? Some manufacturers are offering lease-purchase or special financing deals, or you can consider refurbishment. When the fire chief of an American military airfield contacted Crash...

In less than 120 days from the start of work on the chassis, Crash Truck Services delivered the rebuilt ARFF to the airfield and conducted training.

A pre-acceptance test also was provided upon delivery by an experienced Crash Truck Services technician. The truck’s performance met or exceeded OEM performance specifications for acceleration, maximum speed, braking, and pump performance.

The foam system calibration was checked and adjusted to the total discharge capacity standards as well as foam quality and concentration. The warranty was one year from the written acceptance of the completed unit for all unit components repaired or replaced in the refurbishment process, excluding wheels and tires, batteries, and light bulbs.

The warranty covered all parts, labor, and any other related costs. Two weeks later, the chief called to say he was so pleased with the first truck, please do it all over again with a second rig.

New airfield equipment including ARFF can be expensive, but there are alternatives. Remanufactured airfield equipment offers many benefits, including extending the life of the equipment, and in some cases actually improving power and durability; backed by manufacturer warranties, parts availability and service; and uses about 85 percent less energy than mining, refining, melting, and machining of new material offering a green solution.

Bob Frenier works in sales and marketing for Crash Truck Services at Company Two Fire, Inc., and is a deputy sheriff for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department

For more information about the process, contact Bob Frenier at (800) 246-3511 or

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