SAC Pushes Ahead

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — The Scottsdale Air Center here is one of a chain of fixed base operations in the U.S. that is operated under the umbrella of Ross Aviation, based in Denver and headed up by Jeff Ross. According to its website, Ross Aviation seeks to...

Says Walker, “The perception was the bigger airplanes will bring greater noise. We were able to prove to them that it wasn’t the case, that the newer airplanes are quieter. So, most of that has gone away.

“Now, our volume here of takeoffs and landings has decreased because of the economic situation. But everybody is working together.

“We have Customs. People can now overfly into here from Mexico; they used to have to stop at the border.

“The city and the airport, and the airport director Gary Mascaro, have been very supportive of all the activities on the airport, to the point that they’re going to have an air fair/fly-in in November here, the first one since 2001.”

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