New Technology Produces Different Breed Of Electric GSE

You might not think a tugboat would have anything in common with a tug, but a Canadian lithium battery maker is using lessons learned in marine applications to potentially provide long-lasting power for electric GSE. Corvus Energy, Richmond, British...

The power management system also helps run diagnostics making easy work of routine checks and troubleshooting.

Each battery has an onboard computer that communicates with other batteries and stores data about usage. A GSE technician can download data via a hard link or wireless transmitter to a computer. The company says maintenance is reduced to tires, brakes and differential oil. The equipment may be used on a near-constant basis with virtually no downtime due to maintenance.

Retrofit kits are priced to be competitive with major rebuilds, and the subsequent savings are compelling.

“We’ve worked out a comprehensive return on investment,” Puchalski says. “Based on actual data from a half-dozen ground handlers at airports of various sizes, what we’ve found is that these kits will pay for themselves in fuel and maintenance savings in less than four years.”

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