Suspected unapproved parts update

Suspected unapproved parts update By Fred Workley April 1998 Fred Workley is the President of Workley Aircraft and Maintenance, Inc. of Manassas, VA, and director of Aircraft Appraisals at AvSOLUTIONS. He is on the technical committees of...

FAA AC No: 20-125 says that there are two reported problem areas. The first is continuing failures of the vented fuel caps installed on aircraft. Failures included warped, broken, and leaking caps. The second problem area is the fuel tank drains. Many airplanes are equipped with fuel reservoirs (separate tanks) in addition to the wing fuel tanks. On these airplanes, the fuel reservoirs, as well as the wing fuel tanks, should be checked for contamination when water or other contaminants are found in the fuel system. Refer to the appropriate owner's manual for fuel reservoir location and proper draining procedures. Additionally, manufacturer's service information can be referenced for installation of fuel tank quick drain-kits.

The best way to avoid water in fuel is to make it the responsibility of everyone in the fuel handling chain. The aircraft technician plays a major role in this chain and periodically should review shop procedures to ensure that the fuel is "clean and bright."

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