Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Everyone of us has heard the time-worn expression, “Once in a lifetime opportunity,” that is used to describe a single event or series of events that can have a profound change on one’s life, career, job satisfaction, and income. For we the...

I sincerely hope that all of you will not be affected by “Goldilocks syndrome” (everything is just right), or delegate your own responsibility to research the NPRM to someone else and use their comments to send to the docket under your name by Nov. 6. I don’t even want you to make comments on the NPRM for yourself. I want you to submit your comments for all of those future technicians now in grade school and high school – those young men and women who will follow us and stand on our shoulders. Years from now they will thank us for our professionalism and our commitment to professionalism as we have done in recognizing and thanking the “Master Mechanics” award winners of today.

Don’t let them down – this is your once in a lifetime opportunity.

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