Dead Cat's Replacement

In the April issue of this magazine, I wrote an article titled "Red Tape," in which I presented to the world, the new FAA policy requiring a technician to develop instructions for continuing airworthiness

After exploring what was left of my alternatives, and following the third rule of troubleshooting, I picked one. My solution was to create a check list on how to develop an ICA , in which both the FAA inspector and the technician had a standard to go by. To ensure that my dead cat's replacement did not go belly up and make my backyard a toxic waste dump eligible for EPA clean up super funds, I coordinated the document with FAA and industry and got their approval in writing.

The fourth rule was to implement the solution. This I have done, after extensive FAA and industry input, the check list is in the form of an FAA Handbook Bulletin for Airworthiness (HBAW-98-18) it will already be sent to the local FAA offices by the time you read this paragraph.

What follows is a paraphrasing of the seven page handbook bulletin.

Note: a copy of this handbook bulletin is available on the FAA website:, or pick up a copy from your local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).

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