Unison magneto troubleshooting

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There are some indirect sources of information that help with this scenario. Packaged with every magneto is a FAA approved application sheet that summarizes all of the FAA approved applications for Slick magnetos. Also, Slick Service Letter SL 1-89 provides the direct model supercedure for Slick magnetos. Lycoming provides excellent documents to support their TCDS. Lycoming Service Instruction 1443 lists all Lycoming engines and the applicable Slick magneto models.

Lycoming has recently updated many of their TCDS most of them refer back to S.I. 1443 for magneto applicability. If the TCM TCDS does not reflect a current magneto application, then Slick SL1-89 can be used to provide the Slick part number supercedure.

Slick Ignition Upgrade kits have been a popular retrofit to replace other ignition systems to avoid repetitive AD compliance. Refer to the application data sheet provided with the Slick magneto, the TCDS, or Lycoming S.I. 1443. In most cases Slick magnetos are a bolt-on replacement with no 337 or STC required.

However, some Slick applications are STC approved and do require that a 337 be filed to document the installation. For example, a common application that gets missed is the TCM O-300. The original Slick 664 can be found on the TCDS, and Slick SL1-89 lists the 6364 as a direct replacement for the 664. But the 6364 is approved via STC and needs a 337 to be completed to make the installation legal.

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