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Industry Alerts By Stan Mackiewicz March 1999 Stan Mackiewicz is the president of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA). Put April 20 to 22, 1999 on your calendar now for a trip to Phoenix, AZ for the Aviation Services...

The decision was made quickly. It is budget cutting with a blunderbuss, when a surgical scalpel should have done it. People without the remotest idea about how the publication is used made this decision. Safety was either not on their mind or not in their vocabulary when they came up with this idea. Money was.

If rumor derived from the halls of the FAA can be believed, the Alerts Bulletin is being turned into a work station in the new modernized air traffic control system. In fact, according to reliable sources, the FAA is denuding operating funds to pay for ATC cost overruns and a generous pay increase for air traffic controllers. Is the FAA in dire financial condition?

Last year, the FAA ran short of funds because some budget wizard factored in revenue from proposed user fees in the request for funds from Congress. It's a little like planning to spend the cash from a lottery ticket you intend to buy, then go ahead and move into an expensive house.

The real question is, "Can the decision be turned around?" When budget funds are scarce, the scrapping for funds for favorite projects in a government agency rivals the partisan fights going on in Congress today. At times like these, value, need, and fact have a way of disappearing in the unique language used by government bureaucrats. Keeping alerts is up to you. PAMA has urged that people who use Alerts contact the Administrator and tell her your concerns.

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