"Head" line

"Head" line Cylinder manufacturers offer good choices for replacement cylinder heads By Greg Napert March 1999 Teledyne Continental Motors Textron Lycoming Engine Components, Inc. Classic Cast™ Superior Air Parts...

The changes are apparent as its precision molding processes result in a much smoother surface and fewer casting imperfections, thereby making it a "better looking" cylinder.

If you want more information on Millennium cylinders, contact Superior at (800) 487-4884.

The latest entry into the market for "all new" aftermarket cylinders is the company that has lead the industry in the refurbished cylinder market — Engine Components, Inc. (ECI). ECI announced in October an expansion to its line of engine cylinder products to include an all-new cylinder assembly replacement for Lycoming 320, 360, and 540 engines.

The assembly includes a traditional Classic™ sand cast cylinder head combined with a through- hardened steel cylinder. ECI's CEO, Gary Garvens says that ECI's objective is to offer its customers some options for cylinder replacement. In addition to offering complete new cylinder assemblies, ECI offers the combination of a new head mated with a remanufactured barrel (coated with Cerminil®); a heat-treated head mated with a new barrel; or a heat-treated head mated with a remanufactured barrel (coated with Cerminil).

Garvens says, "Aircraft owners have always had to take whatever the cylinder manufacturer served up. Now they finally have the ability to choose from a few different options."

For more information on ECI cylinders, call (800) 324-2359.

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