Turbine Component Repair and Recoat

Turbine component repair and recoat New advancements make repair worth considering By Greg Napert June 1999 With increasing costs of engine overhauls over the years, many engine operators are continuously evaluating their options with...

(This advanced maintenance development was reported by Dr. William Roberts in the ASME Transactions, Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol. 117, pages 666-667, October 1995). It is clear from this study that advanced fan blade refurbishment can quickly repay the investment. This is true at the time of major engine overhaul and also while the engine is in service. Once the fan surface finish is degraded, the leading edge blunted and the chord reduced by particulate matter, the engine efficiency drops, and overall engine performance deteriorates. While the blade is structurally sound and functional, it will waste valuable fuel dollars and reduce time on wing. Because it is relatively easy to change out fan blades on-wing, especially during scheduled aircraft maintenance checks, the savings in fuel and extended engine time on-wing will more than justify the cost of initiating fan blade refurbishment while the engine is in service.

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