Legislative Thoughts

Legislative Thoughts In their own words: Sen. McCain, Rep. Shuster talk aviation By Rep. Bud Shuster, Chairman, House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee March 1999 On building a system for the 21st Century ... We...

Secondly, we must ensure continued congressional oversight of FAA programs to ensure the money is used wisely. More money does not always mean a better system. I have enormous respect for FAA Administrator Jane Garvey and her efforts to steer many of FAA's modernization programs. But we must have a permanent, institutional process to ensure that success occurs in all program areas and under future Administrators.

I cannot conceive of a circumstance where I would support increased taxes on the aviation community. The one possible exception would be with respect to the Passenger Facility Charge, where I am willing to consider an increase if we unlock the Aviation Trust Fund and find it still cannot provide sufficient resources to make necessary airport improvements.

A recent DOT Inspector General report found that 75 percent of commercial flights on major routes now take longer than they did a decade ago. My goal is to reverse that trend.

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