Setting Standards

Setting Standards Executive Jet guidelines seek to ensure and upgrade quality service for clients, entire industry BY John Boyce, Contributing Editor May 1999 Is it the wave of the future or the proverbial 800-pound gorilla...

Don Campion, president of Banyan Air Service in Ft. Lauderdale, is pleasantly surprised by that aspect of the requirements. "Interestingly enough," he says, "they have not really formalized fuel price. We have been thrilled that Flexjet and Executive Jet have been more concerned with quality, on-time (service), the training and ability of the staff. They ask for a fair price, but they have not squeezed at all. (But) I feel the day's coming because they have incredible purchasing power, but it hasn't come yet."

Apart from the promise of increased business, EJ offers no guarantees about business volume; it doesn't even guarantee that an FBO that signs the requirements document will get all EJ business at a particular airport.

"Any FBO that's interested in seeing this package," Liston says, "and doing business with EJ, we welcome them to study it and try to meet the requirements. We will work with them on it.

"It's really important that the industry understand how EJ picks an FBO. The number one reason is the owner of the aircraft makes the selection. We give them the choices; they tell us where they want to go. If they don't have a preference then it reverts to EJ's number one FBO on that airport.

"That number one status depends on whether or not they're satisfying the requirements package, what kind of relationship we've had with them historically.... We're not going to be jumping around from one to the other, and we aren't silly enough to think that every single FBO is going to be able to satisfy every single requirement. We're just saying that in a perfect world, this is the kind of FBO we want to exist everywhere."

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