It's all in the approach

By Richard Komarniski

March 2000

Richard Kamarniski

Adversity. What's your approach to it? Do you feel that your life is full of ups and downs just like a snakes and ladders' game? While we never know what life will throw at us, it's our attitude that has a big impact on what the outcome will be.

We all know people who have been through many struggles. Some have learned from them and not wasted a lot of energy on what happened, but instead remained focused on their goals. Some people who experience a set back never seem to recover and yet others, who may have been in the same situation, will take control and move forward.

ImageLearning from mistakes
We all hate to see errors take place. Yet, if we don't learn from those errors and their causes, they will most likely happen again. At the moment an error occurs, it can be the worst thing to happen to us. But, if we take a positive approach, learn and grow from the event, we achieve the confidence and know-how to avoid revisiting the same type of incidents.

Making choices
Audits are adversities we as technicians have to face. Again, we have a choice. Do we look at the audit as a personal attack and suffer through it with a negative attitude? Or, do we look at an audit as an opportunity to learn and be reassured that in our day-to-day lives, we have not missed an important detail.

When we began our careers in aviation, most of us had no idea what we were really stepping into. It hit me hard early in my career as a licensed aircraft technician when I felt my spouse was still supporting my hobby. What had I done? I had two choices: to change careers, or, to move on with my career while revising my attitude and analyzing what was holding me back. I took a long, hard look at my career and realized that if what I wanted out of aviation was satisfaction and income; it was up to me. It was at this point that I mentally revisited the adversities in my career, realized their educational value, and changed my attitude for the better.

Seizing opportunities
Adversities offer us the opportunity to perform self-evaluations and reinforce our faith to move on with our goals. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

You also can concentrate too hard on what's going wrong, and become preoccupied with things that are aggravating and upsetting. Or, you can throw those strong energies into correcting problems. Seize this chance to learn and grow. Choose deliberately to be positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic. You will benefit. Your family will benefit. Your co-workers will benefit. And, you will be better prepared to manage the adversities life puts in your path.