Just for Today - Zero Errors

Just for Today - Zero Errors By Richard Komarniski April 2000 Richard Komarniski is President of Grey Owl Aviation Consultants. He has worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician for the last 25 years holding AME and A&P Ratings. Richard...

Pet project
Consider how most people care for their dogs or other pets. They make sure that their pets have proper rest and good clean water to drink all day long. They buy good quality food and make sure the animals have a daily exercise program. We go to great lengths to ensure our pets stay healthy. If you doubt this, just look at the size and scale of the pet food and pet products industry.

Now, how many of us ensure that we get the proper amount of rest every day? How many of us ensure we have good, clean water to drink? How many of us ensure we eat properly? (That is an article in itself). So many of us beat up on our bodies daily by consuming chemicals, preservatives, acids, caffeine, saturated fats, sugar, white flour products, etc. What is our body doing with all of these toxins? Our diet plays havoc on our immune system, which in turn controls our level of health. Treat yourself as well as you treat your dog! We are supposed to be in the preventative maintenance field, but if some of the technicians I know treated their aircraft the same way they treat their bodies, their aircraft would never leave the ground. Think about it!

Stress management
How many of you have a good daily exercise program that helps get rid of the toxins and builds up your stamina enabling you to cope with extra hours of work or stress? We have a lot to be aware of and much to accomplish towards maintaining good, personal physical condition. When we look at error prevention and at the big picture of safety in the aviation industry, it can be quite overwhelming. Break error prevention down into little pieces or small tasks that you can understand and that you can act upon, and then we as an industry can make giant strides in reducing human errors. If we each take the small steps necessary to prevent human errors one small task at a time, one job at a time, one day at a time, then it will not be an insurmountable challenge and we will succeed in our goal of reducing human errors and improving safety.

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