Super AMT: Do you have what it takes?

Super AMT Do you have what it takes? By Fred Workley April 2000 Fred Workley is the president of Workley Aircraft and Maintenance Inc. in Manassas, VA. He is on the technical committees of PAMA and NATA and participates in several...

On the other hand, overhaul has both broad and narrow meanings, but it is the complete disassembly, inspection, and repair of possibly a complete system. Often, components not repaired are evaluated for tolerances and other qualities related to serviceability in order to determine the impact on airworthiness.

Some systems have tasks that do not fit the definitions of repair, replace, or overhaul. For these tasks, like painting or preservation, successful performance is based on competency with the objective being to follow a procedure or process.

How did we get here?
If these are the types of tasks that we perform, what does it take to become a licensed professional? Many of us went to school for a long time. How did we make it through school? Well, we were committed to a goal to seek knowledge. We did things like prepare for class. In retrospect, we proved our reliability and demonstrated our ability to solve problems and think logically. We were organized and had our act together.

Now you know why you are in demand. You are willing to take direction. You're inquisitive. You are very positive with a "can do" attitude. You work well alone or with others. Your interpretive skills are excellent. You translate well from print to voice, print to action, and voice to action.

Back in August of 1994, I was involved in a brainstorming exercise that tried to collect the characteristics of inspectors. These were developed as a guide to a course on how to inspect. After thinking about it, I tripled the number of the items on the original list because technicians can do it all. You're a super mechanic/technician/engineer/person, plus chief cook and bottle washer. That turns out to be equal to a Super AMT.

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