Contest 2000: FAA AMT awards program

On more than a handful of occasions, I have been accused of not being the brightest crayon in the box for making what I thought to be profound philosophical statements that then would backfire on me.

If you think about it, this contest is a pretty good deal. Not only do you get recognition from the United States government in the form of an AMT award, but you also get better-than-average odds at winning some pretty decent prizes. If you want to learn more about the contest in glorious color, and you are into computers, the web site is awsp/ amtac.htm.

I'll be back . . .
In closing, I recommend that you at least think about dropping your name in the hat. But, be warned, this article won't be the last you hear about entering the contest. I figure the reason behind this contest is to serve as a marketing incentive to increase the amount of initial and recurrent maintenance training mechanics receive. And, since a well-trained mechanic is the best safety device the FAA can invest in, I ordered 15,000 contest posters and 30,000 tri-fold applications for this year's contest. I have asked your local Safety Program Manager to make sure that a mechanic won't have to look very far to be reminded about the FAA/NASCAR contest, so don't be surprised to see a contest poster in some unusual places. Who knows, if you take a shot at it, maybe Lady Luck will pay a visit to your hangar this year. Good luck.

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