Making the Grade: NBAA forum focused on training programs' "room for improvement"

Making the Grade NBAA forum focused on training programs' "room for improvement" By Melissa Roglitz May 2000 Ask and sometimes you get lucky and receive. Sometimes, you have to ask again and again, rephrasing the question each time. And...

The NBAA Maintenance Committee has formed a subcommittee to more comprehensively address the issues that were discussed at the forum and the possible solutions. Jim Jainitis of IBM, who is chairing the subcommittee, will work hands-on with the training companies, the OEMs, and businesses wishing to see improvements in the maintenance training division of the aviation industry.

West continues, "We're going to keep on pushing. Like I said, we're not taking a hands-off approach to this. We're going to continue with the working group. We're going to continue to align ourselves with the industry, and work through this thing.

"We're trying to stay in line with the industry, but at the same time push the envelope a little. All of the input I've gotten from the aircraft manufacturers is that we're right on. In the past, I think, they felt it was very convenient. They could sell the airplane and they took a hands-off approach to it. With the explosion of growth in this business the manufacturers are now having to maintain airplanes. I think they're seeing the impact of the training on their ability to do that, so now they're becoming advocates of this."

Voluntary change or regulation?
Can we count on training providers to do this on their own or do we need to regulate?

West would like to see training companies take the initiative to improve themselves: "I'm not advocating FAA involvement at all. I would like to think that people who are smart enough to be in the business would see it for what it is and just do it."

FlightSafety has shown that initiative: "We are absolutely open to improvements," says Lee, "and we're whole-heartedly behind them. We participate on the advisory boards for most every manufacturer just to gather this kind of information. I would encourage everyone in the industry to do the same thing."

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