What's Your Vision of Your Future in Maintenance: Tips for transitioning to management

What's Your Vision of Your Future in Maintenance? Tips for transitioning to management By Fred Workley August 2000 Fred Workley is the president of Workley Aircraft and Maintenance Inc. in Manassas, VA. He is on the technical...

After you do all this, what will others see? There will likely be a shift to performance measures based on external factors. Sometimes, organizational structures are simplified or de-layered. It sometimes requires the use of "Knowledge Workers" who have skill not held with your team. It requires you to know clearly what business you are in. There will be daily problems, challenges, and failures, but in the long run, your shared vision will result in more delegation of responsibility and authority. With authority comes accountability so that quality doesn't have to wait until the final inspection. Instead, as we said earlier, it is built in at each process. The final inspection only verifies its integrity.

Style trials

As a prospective candidate for increased responsibility, you might think about developing your own distinctive style of leadership and compatible style of management. Over the years, you will have the opportunity to attend leadership and management training sessions where this kind of information is presented. Use every opportunity to explore these ideas if they are new to you. Whichever approach you eventually take - be consistent.

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