PDP Adds Career Planning for Maintenance Career Development

PDP Adds Career Planning for Maintenance Career Development By Jay Evans August 2000 Business aviation has never been better, so it's a great time to establish a career in business aviation maintenance. With great opportunities come great...

Jay Evans (Joe A. Evans) is senior manager, Airmen and Commercial Services for the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). He is the project manager for the NBAA Professional Development Program (PDP). For further information on NBAA's Professional Development Program, contact Jay Evans at jevans@nbaa.org or call (202) 783-9000.

Training Resources

Training is essential to advancement in any field, but with the dynamic state of the aviation industry, training is imperative to furthering one's career. More regulations, more standards, more parts, more planes, more, more, more . . . Aviation is ever-expanding, creating the need for boosting one's knowledge base to move ahead in the industry.

Gathering knowledge through continuing training lends itself to career development and advancement in several ways:

First, continuing training shows an employer or potential employer initiative, drive, and perseverance. These are qualities highly valued by an employer and honestly, not always easy to find.

Second, continuing training provides evidence to the fact that you care about the work you do. No one is going to work hard to master a skill or fine-tune a talent at something they do not care about. And, those that care about their jobs tend to do better at their jobs.

Third, continuing training shows that you are open to new experiences and new information. A boss may be more likely to promote you to a position you are not familiar with simply because he or she knows of your openness to try new things and your willingness and ability to learn.

Fourth, continuing training can help you feel better about yourself and generally more confident. The more a person knows, the more self-assured they are. Confidence can be a catalyst to better performance.

Continuing training can mean the difference between a successful aviation career and an average aviation job. The companies listed here offer training in a wide range of aviation specialties. Call one today to transform your job into your career.

Abaris Training Resources Inc.

5401 Congley Lane, Suite 49, Reno, NV 89511; (800) 638-8441, (775) 827-6568; www.abaris.com;

The industry leader in advanced composites training since 1983. Abaris Training offers 12 different courses in design, fabrication, and repair at their Reno, NV, and Griffin, GA, training facilities. All aspects of aerospace-related composite repair are taught with a hands-on emphasis. A Canadian DOT-approved training center. FAA inspector authorization refresher training course approval, on select classes. Introductory and advanced level courses offered. Customized worldwide on-site training available.


18006 Skypark Circle, Suite 210; Irvine, CA 92614; (949) 442-8830; www.aerolearn.com;

Aerolearn.com is a free online learning community for aviation maintenance professionals. We offer free self-paced courses on a wide range of subjects including technical, management, career development, and personal growth topics. The courses are provided by "instructors" from every segment of the aviation industry. Aerolearn.com is a subsidiary of Northrop Rice USA Inc. and Aeronautics Innovation Inc.

Aviation & Electronic Schools of America (AESA)

PO Box 1810, 201 S. Railroad St., Colfax, CA 95713-1810; (530) 346-6792; www.aesa.com; For over a decade, Aviation & Electronic Schools of America has been offering classes in aviation, telecommunications, electronics, and computer technology. A&P, IA, IA Renewal, FCC GROL, Radar Endorsement, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access. Computer building and configuring. Get licensed/certified in the field of your choice today!

Baker's School of Aeronautics

1645-K Murfreesboro Rd., Nashville, TN 37217; (615) 361-6787, (800) 264-1787; Offers weekly classes for Inspection Authorization (IA) rating as well as two separate FAA-approved IA renewal courses.

Cochise College

4190 W. Hwy 80, Douglas, AZ 85607-6190; (520) 364-0229; www.coshise.org/aviation; Complete 147 AMT (A&P) - 15 months. Complete Avionics - 12 months. Complete 141 Flight program in both Douglas and Tucson. Certificate programs and Associate Degrees. Original training or "re-tooling/retraining." Individual attention. Check web site for special Western Undergraduate Exchange rates and program details. For the best - fast - come to Cochise College!

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