Get Ahead By Going Online: Advancing your career may be one click away

Get Ahead By Going Online Advancing your career may be one click away by Louis B. Tharp, Ph.D. August 2000 The surest path to career success is learning. This fact becomes more obvious every day as we move into this third...

A new concept that is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet is that of the "learning community." The idea is to provide an opportunity for members of a community with common interests to share their expertise with each other - for free. There are several expressions of this free learning concept. offers a truly wide variety of content - from trivia topics like How to Give Your Cat a Pill to a few technical subjects like Generating Electricity from the Ocean. It's completely free. Many other free learning communities are springing to life on the Web. is a site with courses delivered by some very knowledgeable instructors, usually conducted over a few weeks. Arlene Hirsch, a best-selling author on career planning, is the instructor of the course A Street Smart Guide to Landing Your First Professional Job. It's a very impressive course - especially since it is for free! For more career advice, go to - another free learning community directed toward personal development and career management and featuring courses taught by some famous names like Tom Peters.

Another free online learning community is They offer over 200 free, self-paced courses exclusively for aviation maintenance professionals. The short courses cover a wide range of subjects, including technical and management topics, as well as several courses on career development and personal growth. Courses are created by instructors representing every segment of the industry - aviation educators, consultants, authors, manufacturers, and training and service providers who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with other professionals. Some of Aerolearn's courses have been developed from presentations originally given at conventions or to organizations like Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) or Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC). Each course has its own communication center for interactive learning.

The Internet has introduced a whole new world of learning opportunities! Whether you want to go to college, gain specific job training, or learn from the free courses offered at an online learning community - they are all just one click away. The next click is up to you.

Dr. Louis B. Tharp is a graduate of Yale University and earned his Ph.D. degree in psychology from Claremont University. He has a wide range of experiences that include work as a professor, author, and video producer. Dr. Tharp has conducted personal development seminars for employees at McDonnell Douglas, the FAA, and other organizations. He has developed and taught distance education courses, both online and over television. He is currently the director of Online Learning at

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