ISSUES 2000 As PAMA and NATA prepare to meet in Tampa, a number of issues are on the regulatory hot plate By Jordanna Smida, Assistant Editor April 2000 As the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) and the National...

NATA has held meetings with FAA officials, some of whom also are working with the JAA on a number of issues. "We're working with the FAA, but I'm very frustrated because they are slow.

Coyne, confident that the Europeans are fighting a losing battle, states, "There are different ways to skin the cat and we're hopeful that in one way or another we will be able to continue this. Fundamentally their potential pilots want to learn to fly in the most efficient and cost-effective manner they can and that's definitely in the U.S. where we have lower cost airplanes, better weather, prominent flight schools established, and the availability of instructors."

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