Award Winner

Award Winner Michael Barth earns honor for his role in marketing, tenant relations By John F. Infanger, Editorial Director June 2000 TAMPA — Each year, the National Air Transportation Association honors an airport manager with its...

Still, the money was substantial — $90,000 a year for five years.

Another thing we did together was to market the airport. We went to various conferences, especially NBAA and its dispatchers conference and its annual trade show, and marketed the airport together. We shared the costs. Also, I was in a position to go to the Convention & Visitors Bureau, venues like the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame, and get them to contribute because what we were marketing were the venues and attractions in Cleveland, and the convenience of Burke Lakefront if you wanted to visit them.

We worked together to get industry associations to hold their regional meetings at Burke to create a better awareness of the airport.

I would visit potential tenants with Tom (Slavin, Million Air), in case there were any questions related to the airport.

CAP Michael Barth recently accepted a position as executive director, Lorain County (OH) Regional Airport

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