Advanced Ignition for the 21st Century - Installing the LASAR Electronic Ignition System - Part II

Advanced Ignition for the 21st Century — Installing the LASAR Electronic Ignition System — Part II By Harry Fenton July 2001 An overview of the LASAR® electronic ignition system was provided in the May/June 2001 issue of AMT. This...

Electrical checks
Confirm that the master switch and ignition switch are in the "Off" position and reconnect the battery to the aircraft electrical system. When power is applied, the LASAR enunciator light should be illuminated and will go out after the first revolution of the engine. It should stay off once the engine is running. Ground test the LASAR system in accordance with the Pilot Operating Handbook. Conduct a standard run-up and check the left and right magneto for operation. The engine will run in backup on each individual magneto, and when switched back to both, will operate in backup for 20 seconds and then automatically switch to LASAR mode and extinguish the enunciator light.

Proper paperwork
Before releasing for flight make all appropriate logbook entries and complete an FAA Form 337 to record the STC installation. A Flight Manual Supplement is part of the LASAR system and must be attached to the Pilot Operating Handbook.
From the standpoint of recurring maintenance, LASAR requires a standard 100-hour external inspection to confirm that the connections and component mounting are sound. An internal inspection of the LASAR magnetos is recommended at 500-hour intervals.

System troubleshooting
ImageTroubleshooting can be accomplished using the T300 SynchroLASAR and T232 communications cable. The T232 connects to the LASAR controller and can be linked to a laptop computer or PC to provide real-time operation and diagnostics data. If a fault occurs, a code will be displayed on the diagnostics screen that will provide an accurate diagnosis of the fault condition. Consult Unison before using the T232 communications cable.
This article has gone through the basic procedures for installing a LASAR electronic ignition system. For complete installation information or troubleshooting guidance, you can contact an authorized LASAR distributor or Unison Industries to obtain the L-1500 LASAR Master Service Manual.

Quantity Part Number Description 1 L1526BLASAR Installation and STC package1LC1011-01Controller14771Sensor magneto14770Non-sensor magneto1 LH1004-17 Low Voltage Control Harness (LVCH) 1 M4001U Slick™ ignition harness with blue lead wires* 8 UREM40E Autolite® Aviation Spark Plugs 1 M5340-03 Dual point CHT probe 1 M5470-01 Enunciator light receptacle 1 M5470-14 Light bulb 2 M3426 Magneto gasket 1 10 amp manual trip circuit breaker 4 feet 1/4-in. ID low pressure hose 4 10-32 Rivnuts *(Note: Only Slick harnesses are approved for use with LASAR.)

About the author
Harry Fenton is Manager of Customer Support for Unison’s Piston Engine Products. He is a pilot and an aircraft technician with an A&P and IA. You can reach Harry at Unison’s Rockford, IL facility at (815) 965-4700 or at

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