Uniform Service: Outfitting employees with uniforms projects professionalism and consistency for your customers

Uniform Service Outfitting employees with uniforms projects professionalism and consistency for your customers By Michelle Garetson October 2001 It’s been said that "You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression...

In addition to the protection from heath hazards associated with home laundering of work clothes, the uniform approach in a company also offers an easily identifiable security feature for the operations. A crowded shop can, throughout the day, have any number of people walking in and amongst the staff. Granted, given the recent tragic events in New York, Washington DC and elsewhere, new security measures will more than likely be implemented immediately. Uniforms can provide one way to accomplish this task. Anyone not in a company uniform should not be in the hangar and they’ll be easy to spot because of their dissimilar attire. Have you ever noticed that in an automotive shop, the only people around the automobiles are uniformed employees? No customers, no vendors, just technicians performing their jobs.

Purchasing/Rental Options
If it is decided to convert to uniforms, what are the options? Aramark, a worldwide uniform supply company, offers a chart on its web site at www.aramark.com to help companies determine need and type of service contract.
Points to consider include:
• Employee turnover
• Soil
• Capital outlay
• Sanitation (laundering)
• Morale
Those companies that experience low turnover may want to purchase uniforms for employees, while other companies with moderate to high employee turnover should consider leasing or renting uniforms from a service.
It has already been mentioned that aircraft technicians get dirty and greasy and work with hazardous chemicals, so this puts them in the high soil category, which would lend itself to a uniform rental agreement. The front office, or other employees that do not work on aircraft, could be well served through purchasing a golf shirt or oxford shirt style uniform that incorporates company logo and colors.
Capital outlay is high for a direct purchase, but you now own the goods, while for rental uniforms, initial cost is low but renting is an ongoing expense.
Sanitation or laundering is up to the individual with direct purchase and would probably not be the best scenario for technicians. The rental option offers industrial cleaning that would eliminate the health concerns associated with chemicals and the transfer of grease and chemicals to employees’ households. Plus, industrial cleaning provides a crisp look everyday to keep the company image consistent and polished.
Surprisingly enough, morale is a valid consideration on the chart. With leasing and rental agreements, the uniform is often regarded as a benefit by employees.
Whether or not a company feels that clothes will make the man or woman at work, an enforced dress code or uniform implementation certainly will provide a united and consistent look to impress your customers with your brand of service.

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