Flying On The Railroad Tracks: The Railway Labor Act - Time for a change

Flying on the Railroad Tracks The Railway Labor Act — Time for a change? By Stephen P. Prentice October 2001 Airline technicians, like all union employees in the air carrier business, are subject to the rules of the Railway Labor...

What is needed is obvious. A date certain that would terminate endless negotiations. The NLRA provides this mechanism. If our airline industry was regulated under the NLRA instead of the RLA, they could concentrate on fixing their schedules and other internal problems without the constant concern with labor woes. With a date in place, there would be a strong incentive to provide a realistic settlement offer by both sides. As the contract termination date gets close, the parties would be motivated to reach an agreement.
Maybe if the Congressmen and women are inconvenienced enough at the big airports, they will find that lost bags and late schedules are not the only things that need fixing in the industry.

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