Rogue Units: Focus on cost containment

Rogue Units Focus on cost containment By Thomas Carroll October 2001 Thomas Carroll is the Manager of Reliability Engineering at US Airways at Pittsburgh International Airport, Pittsburgh, PA. During his 28 years in aircraft...

The bottom line
In this world of cost containment, the lowest hanging, ripest fruit to be picked is the rogue unit. Not only because of the direct costs incurred, but their control also facilitates the resolution of design or human factors issues. Nowadays, the paycheck is no longer an option to improve morale, so rogue control would be the next best thing. Line maintenance will no longer be frustrated with their inability to fix things logically and expediently, and the repair facility will take pride in that they resolved a rogue unit.
All in all, when looking to control costs — before cutting service or personnel, or pushing for concessions or productivity increases — focus on the rogue unit. The return on investment for the simple surveillance and resolution processes is incredible.

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