Logbook Research: It's not just an AD search any more

Logbook Research It's not just an AD search any more By Joe Hertzler The maintenance records of an aircraft are the single most important factor considered when evaluating an aircraft for purchase. The value of an aircraft can be affected...

Another troublesome area is the inspection requirements issued by the engine or propeller manufacturer. Many believe that the aircraft manufacturer inspection program covers all of the engines and propellers. This is simply not the case for the multi-turbine powered aircraft. 14 CFR Part 91.409 (e) includes the requirements contained in the "airframe, engines, propellers, rotors, appliances, survival equipment, and emergency equipment" manufacturers maintenance instructions.

Also, don't forget to identify all of the life-limited components within the aircraft, engine, and propellers along with their life limit and the amount of life remaining. Engine components, in particular, are often overlooked because it's assumed that the parts in the engine will make it to the next hot section inspection or overhaul. People believe that no one would install life limited parts that wouldn't make it to the next access to that area of the engine.

So, by now you should have the logbooks organized in a way that will make the research smooth. You should know the current aircraft time and landings and the times and cycles for each engine and propeller installed. You should also have a copy of the maintenance/inspection program for the aircraft and have generated a list of requirements to be used to document when each item was last done and calculate when each item is next due. Assuming the research is for a multi-turbine-powered aircraft, the list should include inspection requirements for the engines, propellers, and appliances as well as any modifications that have been incorporated as part of an STC of field approval.

Next month, we will work through the actual logbook review process and cover many of the common issues that are found in research such as damage history, improper sign-offs, and required certifications and support documents. AMT

Joe Hertzler is the president of AVTRAK, Inc., based in Aurora, CO. Joe is an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with Inspection Authorization and also a Private Pilot.

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