Secrets to interview success

The questions and the answers you need to know By Colleen Malloy Where do you see yourself in five years? If your answer is something like, not in this job, you'd better pay attention and read on to brush up on your interview skills, because...

Do not leave the interview without knowing what the next step in the process is. Make sure you know when and how they will be getting back in touch with you.
Send a thank you note as soon as possible. A quick e-mail reiterating your interest in the job can work wonders.
If you haven't heard back from the company two days after the agreed upon follow-up time call back and follow up yourself. Don't sit back and wait for a job to come to you, go out and grab the job you want before somebody else beats you to it!

Illegal Questions
Federal law prohibits employers from asking questions designed to discriminate in any fashion. If you are asked an illegal question you have several options. If you feel comfortable you can go ahead and answer the question, you can refuse to answer the question, realizing that doing so can hurt your chances of landing the job, or you can give an answer to the illegal questions legal counterpart. The key is to do what feels most comfortable for you. If you are uncomfortable in the interview, just imagine how you'll feel on the job!

Here are some illegal questions and their legal counterparts:

Illegal Questions

Legal Questions

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