E-learning Training via the web can aid environmental compliance By Diane Kramer, Ph.D., CEO, MMA/Impletec Group April 2002 The responsible people in your organization have memorized emergency procedures in your SPCC, FRP...

However, initial costs of e-learning programs are higher than costs for the same amount of stand-up training. Conversely, extensive benchmarking information in the fields of learning and e-learning document that while upfront costs are more for the development of e-learning programs, over two to three years comparable classroom training costs are double e-learning costs.

For those companies who feel that nothing takes the place of hands-on experience, blended solutions are becoming the norm - a combination of stand-up training and e-learning to provide both hands-on experience and the practice and repetition made possible by e-learning.

Compliance and regulatory e-learning programs have already proven themselves useful in the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, government and defense - places where there are heavy compliance and regulatory issues.

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