It takes more than wrenches

It Takes More Than Wrenches To maintain an airplane nowadays By Fred Workley Fred Workley Technology is marching on! Aircraft maintainers have a lot more tools available today than just a set of wrenches. One example is the Navy's Super...

About a year ago I wrote an article titled, "Computers are Wonderful" in which I predicted that maintenance technicians would have to become very good at "keyboarding." The article cautioned you to protect your data and trade secrets. Well besides that, you now need to be information technology professionals. Keep 'em Flying.

Fred Workley is the president of Workley Aircraft and Maintenance Inc. in Alexandria, VA, Benton City, WA, and Indianapolis, IN. He holds an A&P certificate with an Inspection Authorization, general radio telephone license, a technician plus license, ATP, FE, CFI-I, and advance and instrument ground instructor licenses.

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