2002 AMT Awards: And the winners are!

And the Winners are . . . 2002 FAA AMT Awards Program Winners Grand Prize: Delta Air Lines' round-trip tickets for two from any Delta City to Hawaii, Grand Cayman, or any Delta U.S. city with $500 spending money went to Matthew R. Shrum of...

And the Winners are . . .

2002 FAA AMT Awards Program Winners

Grand Prize: Delta Air Lines' round-trip tickets for two from any Delta City to Hawaii, Grand Cayman, or any Delta U.S. city with $500 spending money went to Matthew R. Shrum of Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., Arkansas.

1st Prize: TIMCO's Snap-On gift certificate for $2,000 worth of tools went to George Joerger of Erickson Aircrane, Oregon.

2nd Prize: Aerolearn.com's desktop computer with 128 MB RAM went to Jules E. Reese, Florida State University (AA Linking to Leadership), Florida.

3rd Prize: SimuFlite's Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas maintenance training course went to Craig Costakis of Atlantic Aero Inc., North Carolina.

4th Prize: Frontier Airlines' round-trip ticket to any destination that Frontier flies went to Cary J. Higginbotham of Calstar, California.

5th Prize: ATP's Maintenance Director E log maintenance planning and software package, one-year subscription to ATP Maintenance Schedule, and one-year subscription to ATP's U.S. Aviation Regulatory Library on CD-ROM went to David Leung of Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., Wisconsin.

6th Prize: Northrop Rice Aviation Institute of Technology's $3,000 scholarship toward receiving a degree from Northrop Rice went to Tim Latimer of Kaiser Air Inc., California.

7th Prize: Aviation Data Research's PMA Parts Finder CD-ROM and one-year subscription to the electronic update service went to Freddie Price of Federal Exams, Oklahoma.

8th Prize: AWAM's one-year membership went to Marcos Saur of AVTEL Services, California; Andrew Rubalcava of AVTEL Services of California; Pat Vaccaro of AVMATS, Missouri; Craig L. Downar of USCG Aircraft Repair and Supply Center, North Carolina; and Mark Chaney of American Airlines Inc., California. AWAM's signed and numbered limited edition Lithograph went to Yemane Tsega of Continental Airlines Inc., Virgina.

9th Prize: AVANTEXT's 500 MHZ desktop computer went to Eugene Shoemaker of Hellcomb International, Oklahoma.

10th Prize: FlightSafety Boeing's round-trip economy airfare to/from Seattle, hotel accommodations, and five-day General Familiarization course went to Ray Frizzell of Delta Air Lines Inc., Georgia.

11th Prize: PAMA's five-year membership or renewal went to Rob Cummings of Chicago Express Airlines Inc., Michigan.

12th Prize: Continuum Applied Technology's Palm Pilot handheld computer went to Kevin Barnes of Chicago Express Airlines Inc., Indiana.

13th Prize: Baker's School of Aeronautics' five-day IA course in Nashville, Tennessee, IA Kit, FAA testing fee (and test), and five-night stay at the Wilson Inn with transportation and $400 cash to cover trade expenses went to Edgar F. Gonzelez of American Airlines Inc., Florida.

14th Prize: Horizon Air's limited edition hat, transparent travel mug, laser-engraved pen in a velvet sleeve, Q-400 Horizon Air Special Launch Customer pin, and A CRJ-700 Horizon Air Special Launch Customer Maintenance technician pin went to Authur Mueller of AVTEL Services, California.

15th Prize: Superior Air Parts' Hawkeye Boroscrope Kit #HH12 kit, Fluke Autoranging Digital Multimeter, and # FLUKE 12 went to Orlando E Moya of Lufthansa Technik Philippines, Philippines.

16th Prize: FlightSafety Intl.'s Principals of Trouble-shooting Course Online went to Wayne H. Swift of Delta Air Lines Inc., Florida.

17th Prize: Electronics International Inc.'s free Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Work-
shop went to Mike Atkins of IAT Co., Idaho.

18th Prize: Aircraft Electronics Association's round-trip coach airfare to/from Orlando, Florida, lodging at the Coronado Springs Resort for three nights, and full convention registration for the 2003 AEA Convention and Trade Show went to William A. Walker of Bizjet Aviation, Oklahoma.

19th Prize: AirLiance Materials' AirLiance logo golf bag went to Jason M. Caldwell of East Two, Colorado.

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