CONSISTENT ETHICS ICE director sees a role for ACI in ensuring fairness in the bid process

By Trevor Johnson Trevor Johnson serves as director of the International Currency Exchange (ICE) Plc, a UK-based firm with over 30 years experience in providing foreign currency. ICE has some 200 branches across Europe and North America and is...

Obviously, my comments are prompted by the experiences of my company and my own first-hand knowledge of the abuses which take place, but it isn’t just retail concessions which suffer. The problem faces all companies tendering at airports, whether retail, construction, catering, maintenance, or whatever.

Also, I would not wish to be seen to be criticizing all airports. We are constantly in discussions with airports around the world, and most act in a completely proper and open handed manner. But while it may only be a minority which manipulates the system, usually for financial gain, it works against the interest of customers and, ultimately, the airports themselves. I strongly believe that this minority should be brought into line. Here, ACI has a vital role to play.

I hope that ACI will accept the concept of a code of practice and put the wheels in motion to establish a system which is beneficial to everyone concerned: the concessionaire, the airport, and the customer.


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