Tech Briefs
LGC Wireless announces its InterReach™ Unison product will be installed at Honolulu International, Denver International, and Dallas Love Field airports. InterReach Unison is a fiber optic wireless networking system designed to handle both wireless voice and data communications and provide seamless access to the cellular Personal Communications Services or paging networking in any public or private facility.
Avexus Inc., a provider of software solutions for the management of aftermarket services operations, announces that Victorville Aerospace LLC (VAL) has signed an Application Solutions Provider (ASP) agreement to license the use of the Impresa aftermarket software solution. VAL will use Impresa as the foundation for all maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations at the Victorville facility. Designed to help aircraft maintenance organizations schedule, plan, and manage aircraft maintenance and modification tasks, Impresa provides VAL with control and analysis of its workflow, and the ability to streamline costs through planning and scheduling of manpower, material, and tooling resources.
Commercial airline passengers experienced inflight broadband Internet access for the first time in January. Passengers aboard a Lufthansa German Airlines Boeing 747-400 were able to use their personal laptops and ones provided by the airline to gain high-speed connections to the Internet, including full access to their personal or business email accounts and files. The service, which Lufthansa has branded as FlyNet, is powered by the Connexion by Boeing system developed by the Boeing Company. During a three-month demonstration, Lufthansa will make the service available free of charge to passengers daily between Frankfurt and Washington-Dulles International Airport.
Cebu Pacific Air has contracted with Dallas-based Cargo Data Management to implement an Internet-based means of tracking its shipments and revenue. Under the arrangement, Cargo Data Manage-ment will host on its servers in Dallas two software applications for Cebu Pacific: the Money Track II air cargo revenue accounting system and the Easy Track II air cargo tracing and tracking system.
Wayport, a provider of Wi-Fi wireless and wired high-speed Internet access in more than 475 hotels and ten airports nationwide, and AT&T Wireless, a mobile communications provider, have formed a Wi-Fi roaming relationship. This agreement enables AT&T Wireless customers to roam onto Wayport's neutral-host high-speed Wi-Fi wireless network at airports and hotels. AT&T Wireless will integrate Wayport-enabled locations into its Go Port Wi-Fi data services and will sell the service through AT&T Wireless's large-enterprise sales force and distribution network of online and storefront properties.
USaviation acquires Aircraft is an online aviation portal that is comprised of aviation resources and Internet services. The site offers an aviation web directory, employment services, website hosting, and website development. Also features interactive aviation news and events, a marketplace, and aviation discussion forums.
Icarus Instruments, Inc., in association with Flight Explorer, introduces Sky Connect Tracker, the world’s first flight tracking system providing continuous service anywhere. Using Flight Explorer, Sky Connect TRACKER combines FAA-sources IFR traffic with the full-time satellite tracking of VRF and IFR aircraft.
Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. has been awarded a contract to provide computer systems, software solutions, and systems integration for a fully operational Airport Operation Information System (AOIS) at Miami International Airport. AOIS is designed to facilitate the automation of data exchange and the display of information to travelers, while supporting management of flight related information for airport officials.
Unisys Corporation introduces Cargo Portal Services, an Internet-based portal which allows air freight forwarders to book and manage shipments, in partnership with Air Canada Cargo, Northwest Airlines Cargo, and United Airlines.
Imaging Automation announces that UK-based BAA will deploy the company’s iA-thenticate platform to authenticate identification documents as part of a comprehensive security screening process for current and potential employees. BAA will initially deploy the technology in its seven UK airports.
GE Ion Track announces the Transportation Security Administra-tion (TSA) has certified its ITEMISER® after successful completion of all elements of the TSA’s certification plan for explosive trace detection equipment. Testing standards include operational requirements; automated data collection and retrieval capability; maintenance; support; security protocols; reliability; and ease of use and transport. The ITEMISER is a desktop detection system for trace quantities of explosives; uses Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer technology.
SITA Information Networking Computing and Unisys Corporation have signed a Heads of Agreement setting out the basis for a partnership in passenger management systems. The agreement will provide airlines with the world’s first customer-centric passenger management solution based on an open, web-based system. Designed to allow carriers to more closely align their business practices with the individual needs of their customers, while helping to ensure that cost efficiencies are achieved, economies of scale are realized and service levels are enhanced. The solution is based on the Unisys AirCore platform.