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Technology leads the way for YYZ growth

The shared infrastructure is designed to grow with the changing and expanding needs of the system, which Burke says is capable of handling just about anything users can throw at it. “Our role is to enable airlines to bring in whatever they feel is the best methodology for them [in terms of software],” Burke explains.

The main benefits of a common infrastructure for tenants include cost savings, standard training and equipment, information sharing, and consolidation of resources. “It’s an interesting time in terms of airline economics,” Burke says. “They’re looking for the best value.” Which is exactly what YYZ’s infrastructure is designed to provide.

The airport will also benefit from the shared system, primarily by having all data in one central location. Burke explains there is a lot of gathering of data going on throughout the airport, but much benefit could be seen by sharing and applying that data to see where efficiencies can be made.


As the airport business model evolves, Burke says the airport realizes the advantages of “intercepting the technology curves.” Because of that, Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, designed and manufactured by Bentley Systems, Inc., has played a key role in the expansion of YYZ. Burke describes it as “electronic drawings which you can drill down into.

”The facilities management tool allows Burke’s team to take graphical representations of all airport buildings and join them with the technical data already on file. For example, there may be several different contractors working in one building and it’s important to have the right technology to be able to share information between all the parties. BIM facilitates this by storing the information in a common language in a central database. Information can include lease details, location of cabling, sprinklers, and other structural information.

“This way, everybody is looking at the same version and everyone is working in context,” explains Huw Roberts, director of marketing for Bentley Systems, Inc. “When you have BIM and you’re operating a managed environment, it allows solutions to operate at a facility-wide scale. You can manage assets and the entire facility through the operational life cycle.”

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