Containing Contaminants

Ground service providers are exposed to a range of contaminants when maintaining aircraft water and lavatory systems. Alicia Hammond takes a look at how the oversight agencies, airport authorities, and regulations interact with those who service the...

Agents have several precautions available to prevent exposure to themselves and the ground, including a face shield, surgical gloves, and alcohol moist wipes. According to Duncan, agents have recently been using five-gallon buckets that sit under the aircraft during service to catch any leaks.

What is the solution? It's hard to say. For many, the service is fine the way it is, especially considering other problems facing the aviation industry. But for some like Rick Duncan, change is necessary now. Duncan has created an accessory for lavatory carts and trucks called the Blue Bagger, which aims to eliminate most leaks.

The FDA has set up basic regulations concerning the design and storage of lavatory carts and trucks. Other agencies have issued regulations, such as International Air and Transport Association as well as individual airlines and airports, but these regulations do not go much further than the FDA's.

While the many regulations can get confusing, it is important to remember why they are in place - safety for the employees and the passengers is of top concern for all involved.

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