Chain of Events

Aviation has suffered much in recent years and GSE distributors are needing to adjust quickly to each new event. Michelle Garetson asked suppliers to offer their read on the year ahead February 2003 Bloomfield A viation woes continue to...

Both Bloomfield and Sheehan agree that Online Buying will help them to grow their businesses.

"Online (eSage) is becoming a very significant part of our business - could be approaching 50 percent of our business," claims Bloomfield. "eSage will change the approach to how we do business and will change the way people receive information. It's more than an ordering site. It's a management tool for our customers."

"AERO Specialties' new "On Line Store" is available 24 hours a day," says Sheehan. "Customers can preview our equipment, get specifications and pricing, and order most of the support parts required to keep their ramps at full productivity."

Alan Janis offers up a history lesson in addressing challenges, "We have seen a variety of issues over the past 35 years that have impacted our business community from oil embargoes in the early 1970's to today's current situation. The challenge that we have today is in being patient and understanding that this industry is in the midst of a major change/restructuring that will affect us all. We need to continue to market products that add value and reduce the operating costs of our customers."

Sheehan stresses, "We need to be absolutely sure that our company is focused to build and supply the types of equipment that the changing industry really needs. Changing aircraft fleets bring new requirements to the ramp environment."

"Sometimes, there is a misunderstanding with our role as a distributor," explains Bloomfield. "Most people think that we just sell parts - that we are an extra link in the chain. The truth is, we provide cost reduction, whether in the form of the cost of the part, savings on the purchasing process, or reduction in the inventory the customer needs to keep on hand."

Trend Spotting
"The product mix for the ancillary parts and consumable/replacement parts continues to show stable demand requirements," says Janis. "The regional jets requirements are influencing the mix of the ground power and pre-conditioned air products we market."

Sheehan concurs in that the regional airline market is "hot" and feels his company's "extensive knowledge in this area" will prove beneficial.

Bloomfield anticipates a change with how airlines' mix maintenance with repair for GSE fleets. "Usually there is a correlation between maintenance and repair," he explains. "In a down market, there is a shift away from extensive preventative maintenance programs and as a result, there is an increase in repair. This will change the mix of parts we will supply."


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