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FAA's Inherently Low-Emission Airport Vehicle Pilot Program is underway, writes Michelle Garetson February 2003 The Federal Aviation Administration Office of Airports Community and Environmental Needs Division proposed its Inherently Low Emission...

JFK: Economic problems face the airport and the participating airlines. It is likely that the first purchases will be the Port Authority (PANYNJ) acquisition of 47 light-duty CNG vehicles. Eventually, some 415 electric and CNG GSE will be purchased by Triangle Services, Inc. (171), Delta Airlines (128), and American Airlines (116). Delta and American also plan to buy 86 and 10 light-duty vehicles, respectively. These vehicles will be served by four CNG refueling stations built by the Kingdom Group and 13 fast chargers from AeroVironment.

LGA: Similar to JFK, vehicle and equipment acquisition has been deferred due to industry-wide economic impacts. Future commitments include the purchase of 33 light-duty CNG vehicles by the PANYNJ and of 107 electric GSE by Delta (63) and American (44), respectively. Eleven fast-chargers are planned.

SMF: This project will fund 59 mostly light-duty vehicles powered by electricity, CNG, and
LPG and will include substantial vehicle testing and evaluation. Upgrades to the infrastructure involve CNG and LPG refueling stations, plus 3 fast-chargers.

SFO: The airport expects to take delivery of four CNG parking lot shuttles in July. The airport will acquire another 136 CNG and electric light-duty vehicles. As for GSE, United and Delta have temporarily deferred purchase of 118 baggage tugs and 58 belt loaders, of which United accounts for 100 and 49 of these units, respectively. The airport has existing CNG refueling but the airlines will need 11 new fast-chargers.

Further information about the program is available on the FAA ILEAV web site:, or by contacting Jake Plante, Environmental and Community Needs Division (APP-600), Airports Office, FAA, 800 Independence Ave. SW, Washington DC 20591. (202)493-4875, fax (202)267-8821, and email:

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