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Is there a way to lessen the human error on the ramp? Communication equipment might help, reports Alicia Hammond. April 2003 Communication in any profession is important but especially so for workers on the ramp. Problems in communicating can...

Signaling and lighting products are also an important source of communication. Lumastrobe Warning Lights produces this type of equipment to allow visibility as well as a wordless form of communication. George Shabet, Production Manager of Lumastrobe of Midland Park, NJ, says that their products prevent accidents, identify construction or danger zones, protect equipment as well as provide a clear way to communicate. "Warning lights have evolved into a variety of hi-tech signaling products to meet the complex demands of interacting personnel, machines, and their environment. The bottom line is still to provide safety for people and prevent accidents and damage to equipment."

Shabet continues, "Enormous progress continues to be made in the development of brighter light emitting diodes, which draw little power and have a 10-year life expectancy. We will experience a much wider use of these battery-powered products because they can easily be transferred from vehicle to vehicle."

Innovations in technology will hopefully help increase the precision of communicating on the ramp and decrease the number of accidents occurring yearly. Equipment is only half the battle. Understanding why problems occur is another way to further decrease dangerous situations on the ramp.

Reducing the number of runway accidents is not something that can change overnight. Through diligence and advancements in equipment and training, communications, as well as safety, on the ramp will improve.


Flight Safety Foundation's Ground Accident Prevention (GAP) initiative will study the injuries and damage to aircraft, equipment, and facilities on airport apron areas. They hope to develop recommendations and tools to reduce the problem. A steering group has been formed from safety specialists including air carriers, business aircraft operators, aircraft manufacturers, airports, and airport service providers.

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