Hydraulic GSE - Maintenance and Troubleshooting

October 2003 When properly maintained and operated, hydraulic GSE equipment should provide many years of trouble free service. This article is a supplement to the OEM maintenance manual provided with the equipment. Proper operation should be...

Hydraulic System Maintenance & Troubleshooting Checklist (Generic):

  • Check quick disconnect couplings and coupling plugs for leaks or damage - repair or replace.
  • Verify the fluid filler cap is in proper operating condition - replace.
  • Check external and internal hoses for cuts, worn areas, blistering, or areas that seep fluid (form a drop) - replace.
  • Verify all indicator lights are operational - repair or replace.
  • Check for any hydraulic leaks (fittings, O-rings, gaskets, shaft seals) - re-torque, repair, or replace.
  • Verify cooling fan is operating properly - clean, repair, or replace.
  • Check condition of fluid either by sending a sample to an analysis laboratory, or using a portable contamination monitor - filter and dehumidify as necessary to achieve required levels that meet (airframe) manufactures specifications or replace.
  • Replace all fluid filters on a regular schedule - Use periodic fluid samples, operating hours, or filter delta-pressure gauges as required or annually as a minimum depending on usage.
  • Replace air filter/desiccant element on a regular schedule - Silica Gel type desiccant filters turn pink when saturated or annually as a minimum depending on usage.
  • Verify hydraulic pump(s) performance as required - see OEM maintenance manual.
  • Check system pressure relief valve setting - see OEM maintenance manual.
  • Check reservoir interior for visible objects or silt buildup - drain, clean, and re-fill with new filtered fluid.
  • Check reservoir fluid level with all cylinders retracted at operating temperature - fill as required.
  • Run system and purge of any entrapped air - circulate at varying flows and pressures.


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