CASS (FAR 121.373): Frequently ignored . . . source of violations

CASS (FAR 121.373) Frequently ignored . . . source of violations By Stephen P. Prentice Some big name brand airlines have recently been nailed for failing to implement or maintain an active Continuous Analysis and Surveillance System...

Many companies have an added beneficial feature to the audit function allowing for input from maintenance employee staff.

In order to facilitate improved communication within a company, the CASS staff should make available a squawk form which should have an anonymous feature to supplement any other employee reporting form. The squawk form should be specifically designed for the maintenance mechanics.

Quality improvement
A CASS should provide for a continuous improvement environment. All policies, procedures, and programs should be subject to review and if warranted, changed to reflect safety and efficiencies. Instructions and training in improved programs and techniques have to be provided by trained personnel.

I urge all air carrier technicians to become involved in this most important maintenance, inspection, and quality control related system . . . it will aid your personal development and provide efficiency for your company. Please send any comments to

Stephen P. Prentice is an attorney whose practice involves FAA-NTSB issues. He has an Airframe and Powerplant certificate and is an ATP rated pilot. E-mail:

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