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It is the start of the spring allergy season! So my first sneeze is my reminder to give everyone a heads up

It is the start of the spring allergy season! So my first sneeze is my reminder to give everyone a heads up that this year’s 2004 FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) awards program contest has less than six months to go before it ends on Dec. 31.

The 2004 contest prizes are over the top and I will get to them shortly. But before I do, I need a moment of your time to cover the AMT program and the contest for the uninitiated.

The program: The AMT awards program was started in 1993 and provides for FAA recognition of maintenance or regulatory training for the mechanics, repairmen, Part 147 students, and uncertificated folks working full-time in Part 121/135 air carriers. Individuals are recognized with a bronze, silver, gold, ruby, or diamond tie/lapel pin plus the appropriate certificate based on the training received. You can earn a bronze award for six hours of training, a silver for 12 hours, a gold for 26 hours, a ruby for 60 hours, and a diamond award for 100 hours of training. Last year more than 24,000 AMT awards were issued.

Employers can also receive an FAA award based on the percentage of their eligible employees that earn an AMT award. For example, a company can earn a bronze AMT Certificate of Excellence if 5 percent of their eligible employees get an AMT award. More committed companies can earn an AMT silver certificate for 10 percent, or a gold for 15 percent, or a ruby for 20 percent, or the diamond Certificate of Excellence if 25 percent of their eligible employees earn any one of the five AMT training awards. If the employer trains 100 percent of his workforce under the AMT program, he is eligible for the top award, a 100 percent

FAA AMT AWARD CONTESTDiamond Award of Excellence plaque issued by the aircraft maintenance division in FAA headquarters. Additional information and how to apply for this program is in Advisory Circular 65.25, Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program. The AC is available at your local FSDO or on the FAA’s web site: ( under information and advisories).

The contest: The AMT contest is managed and run by an all-volunteer industry group of exceptional individuals that have joined together to help foster training for mechanics and technicians by promoting the AMT awards program. This all-volunteer group calls itself the AMT Safety Awards Program and steering committee and is composed of the following individuals. The chairman is Tom Hendershot of Frontier Airlines; in the secretary position is Jennifer Baker of Baker School of Aeronautics.

Other members are: Jim Smith, director of training for Delta Airlines; Mike Mulcare of the Aviation Maintenance Career Commission; Hasnain Ansari of Swiss Port; Matt Thurber, Aviation Maintenance magazine; Greg Napert of AMT magazine; Brian Finnegan of PAMA; and Paul Jones, FAA inspector out of the Nashville FSDO who serves as a nonvoting, FAA adviser for the committee. These folks deserve at the least a large thank you for all their hard work from all of us, because they are the ones who petition the industry to donate prizes and set up and run the contest drawing every year at the PAMA convention.
Now for the prizes:

Grand Prize is sponsored by Delta Airlines
Winner and one guest will receive:

1. A four-night vacation to any Delta domestic city in the U.S. contiguous 48 states.
2. Air transportation from any Delta domestic city.
3. $300 spending money.

Aircraft Electronic Association sponsored prize:

1. Round-trip coach airfare to/from AEA 2006 Convention
2. Lodging at the AEA Convention hotel for three nights.
3. Full convention registration for the 2006 AEA Convention and Trade Show.

AMT Magazine sponsored prize:

Winner will receive $500.

Aircraft Technical Publishers sponsored prize:

Winner will receive a one-year subscription to the Aircraft Technical Publishers U.S. Regulatory Library on CD-ROM or DVD.

Alaska Airlines sponsored prize:

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