Part 43: Our Rule: Written by mechanics for mechanics

Of the 199 Parts and a zillion words that make up FAA regulations in Chapter 1 of Title 14, Aeronautics and Space in the Code of Federal Regulations, only one Part speaks solely to us

In closing, all you have to remember to stay out of trouble 95 percent of the time when working on aircraft are the performance rules in section 43.13. They are:

  1. Have available and use the manufacturer’s current data and any special tool or its equivalent.
  2. Do the work at least equal to the original or properly altered condition.
  3. Airline mechanics, follow your company’s manual.

As it turned out Part 43’s 12 other rules are not hard to understand either. This is because Part 43 was written by mechanics for mechanics and is designed to be light on the number of words and heavy with substance. But then again, what did you expect, after all, Part 43 is our rule.

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