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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2004 In this special section, AIRPORT BUSINESS takes a look at information technology products and services available to airports and airport-based businesses. More details on these and other IT products can be found by...

The iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart card is available from HID Corporation. Designed specifically for high security access control applications including biometric identity verification. iCLASS provides a platform for implementing additional applications such as IT security, cashless vending, and parking control. The iCLASS product line includes readers, reader/writers, and a line of credentials including multi-technology cards;

Stoichiometric explosive detection technology that remotely determines the chemical formula of concealed substances including explosives, biological weapons, and illegal drugs,is developed by HiEnergy Technologies, Inc. Stoichiometric means detection that deciphers the chemical formula of unknown substances through barriers in a short period of time. HiEnergy's systems may apply to several markets, including airport security screening, bio-weapons detection, landmine detection, and contraband detection, in addition to chemical and petrochemical industry applications. HiEnergy's technology has been developed through several years of research and under grants from the Department of Defense and the U.S. Customs agency;

Access Control, Intrusion detection, badging, and CCTV systems specifically designed for high risk, high security facilities are developed by HIRSCH Electronics Corporation. Systems comply with all current FAA regulations, and are installed in major airports such as O'Hare and LAX. Features such as multiple threat-level configurations allow full area control under both adversarial as well as accidental threats;

PROTRAC Security Elite, a computerized guard tour management system designed to eliminate paperwork and increases productivity, is available from TISCOR. Officers use handheld computers to document all security checkpoints visited. The date, time, and location of each checkpoint is recorded by scanning a bar code label or touching a metal tag. Incidents encountered are logged instantly;

A line of aviation supplies for pilots and maintenance technicians is available from ASA. Publisher of FAR/AIM and FAR/AMT regulations, textbooks, written and oral exam guides, pilot supplies, and home computer simulators;

Electronic products and services designed to streamline the delivery of flight critical information are available from Jeppesen. Includes: Jeppesen Electronic Flight Bag, Taxi Position Awareness, JeppView Electronic Airway Manual, and Jeppesen e-Link airline portal. Jeppesen also offers applications designed to bring efficiencies to flight operations and flight planning, including OPSControl, FliteStar, JetPlanner, and;

The Vaisala AWOS Runway Surface Condition Sensor DRS511 is designed to provide pilots with real-time information concerning the runway surface condition. Four runway surface conditions are reported to pilots: runway wet; frost on runway; snow on runway; and, ice on runway. This critical information assists pilots in making decisions regarding landing distance and braking action;

Network-based asset management solutions using technologies in wireless automatic identification and multi-media for improving productivity, physical security, and asset management, are available from AXCESS Inc. Products include hands-free, long-range RFID technology used to track and monitor people, assets, and vehicles, as well as patented streaming video technology for multi-media transmission and digital recording;

The Driver Authorization System for refueler trucks, from BASE Engineering Inc., is a wireless application designed to prevent unauthorized movement of bulk fuel and chemical trucks. Stalls when parking break is released without valid ID code;

A microprocessor based wireless deadman handle for air operated or electrically operated deadman valves is available from BASE Engineering Inc. Designed to eliminate replacement of damaged or broken cords and reels. Available with several handle configurations;

Voice and data neutral host wireless access systems are developed and operated by Concourse Communications Group;

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