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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2004 In this special section, AIRPORT BUSINESS takes a look at information technology products and services available to airports and airport-based businesses. More details on these and other IT products can be found by...

ICOM's complete line of aviation vehicle mount, portable, and base station transceivers are offered by Edmo Distributors, Inc. Also available are ICOM's land/mobile transceivers;

FIDS LED message displays are manufactured by Adaptive Micro Systems LLC. Can be found in more than 75 airports throughout North America. Applications include gate, baggage, ticket, and general passenger information. Compatible with most FIDS systems;

Communication EquipmentFIDS, BIDS, and other public display products are provided by Alpine Systems. Its autopark product is designed to manage and display garage capacity for drivers. The ASOP software provides FAR 139, security status and facility log, and record keeping;

Programmable electronic display systems designed to provide way-finding guidance, parking information, and flight, baggage, advertising, and general traveler information are designed and manufactured by Daktronics Inc. Also offers a complete range of light emitting diode display technologies for indoor and outdoor applications;

30" LCD displays are available from Global Display Solutions Inc. The new large screen display is designed to capture the attention of viewers in a clear and precise manner;

The MultiView Series from Magenta Research is designed to distribute high-resolution video, audio, and serial signals to an industry leading 1500-foot over CAT5-type cable, directly replacing fiber. Minimizes the number of communications closets, source computers, and cable volume, and readily adapts to any requirement set and footprint;

The 40" LCD 4000 is available from NEC-Mitsubishi. Designed to help airports and airport-based businesses make lasting impressions on the public eye. Suitable for placement in terminals, baggage claims, or general corridors;

Baggage reconciliation, flight information displays, and airport operational databases are supplied by Ultra Electronics Airport Systems, Inc. The company also performs systems integration services with work underway at Kansas City and London Heathrow;


An aircraft refueling solution for unattended FBOs is available from InfoNet Technology Corp. PC-based solution designed to allow the operator to manage the entire operation from a PC connection anywhere;

Services designed to optimize the positive impact of computer-based resources on clients' operations and minimize clients' expenditures on those resources are provided by Robert D. Roe Associates (RDRA). Its services are structured to allow consultants to work from its headquarters with little or no travel. Consultants also work closely with client personnel to minimize consulting costs while achieving clients' goals; (315) 682-5900.

The Computerized Aviation Refer-ence Library is produced by Summit Aviation, Inc. A compilation of hundreds of FAA publications, coupled with the Folio search engine and its Query Wizard to index, organize, and make the information in this vast library accessible. In hard copy form, it fills a large bookcase and represents more than 35,000 pages-and it is all contained on a single CD;

Vehicle access control equipment is available from Delta Scientific Corporation. Its three product line consists of high security vehicle barricade systems, parking control equipment, and guard booths;

Access control solutions are provided by GE Interlogix Commercial Group. Applications range from sophisticated multimedia access control, alarm monitoring, asset tracking, photo badging, and video management to key control and entry tracking systems;

Closed circuit television and digital video storage equipment for security and safety applications are available from GE Interlogix Video Systems Group. Products are modular and designed for integration with other manufacturer's equipment;

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